Please help pattern trouble

i got this pattern for a blanket i made with the knit pro program and i am having trouble trying to do this pattern not sure how to switch between colors any help yall can give me will be apprecieated I attached the pattern i have. it is suppose to be a gift for my sister in law but if i can’t figure it out i will have to come up with something else

You need to use intarsia. Watch here.

I think a combination of intarsia for the large areas of color and Fair isle for the smaller areas will work. Here’s a video for fair isle that will help.

thanks for yalls help but it am having a hard time trying to figure out the intarsia everytine i follow what they say to do it ends up looking bad like i am doing it wrong and it is getting me fustrated i think i might just work the patten in squares the sew all the squares together seems like it would be easier if yall have anything that might help me out learning intarsia easier please let me know

I think one of the tricks to intarsia is twisting the yarn when you change colors. That way, you won’t get holes and the different colors will be connected to each other. The video is good but if it doesn’t help, try Googling intarsia video and see if one of the many others helps. You could also try just a simple swatch with two colors to work out the technique.
You also might simplify the eye design so that there’s just black and white, not so many color changes.