Please help need pattern! Please ;-)

Hi there after finishing my spiral scarf I need to start the next project.

I have lots of mohair and chenille wool. I mean Loads :oops:

I have basic knitting skills and a mum to help should I need it.

I would relaly like a pattern using the above wool to make a shrug, bolero or wrap.
I like the knit in one section ones. I just cant find one that uses this wool I have.

Can you please please help. My mind is spinning from all these pattern sites.
I have the wool now cant find the pattern.

Thanks in advance.
:muah: Sharon

Edited I found this
Do you think I could do it in either yarn I have? If so what would I need to change?

I do think you could use what you have to make that wrap (as long as you have enough yarn!), it’s basically a verrrrrrry wide K2P2 ribbing scarf, you join the ends to make a large tube, then add on the small decorative band to make it “bunch” together. Kind of reminds me of a large bow on a present! You would want to make your gauge/tension is similar to the pattern at least, but on this one getting it exact woudn’t be critical, just depends on the size YOU are as to whether you want it to be a bit above or below what the pattern itself calls for.

That would be a good one for some chenille I have too, my daughter would LOVE that!

Have you checked here for other ones?

fluffypechey, it depends on the weight of your yarn. I think if you make a strip of stockinette (or ribbing, or pretty much any stitch) long enough to reach your “wingspan” (hand to hand across your back) and wide enough to wrap around your upper arms, and stitch up the length of your arms, it should work.

This site has LOADS of shrug/bolero patterns!

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