Please help!! Mending a hole in a blanket!

Hello! I have just finished knitting a blanket and discovered a hole with a broken piece of yarn :sob: .
The blanket is in garter stitch (every row knitted) snc i think i might have made it worse trying to repair :woman_facepalming:t2:.
Can anyone help me? I really want to fix it quickly as if is a gift. Attached are photos of both sides (i tied yarn on to the broken bits to make them longer to try and ‘sew’ the hole back up but i am just so confused!!!

That’s such a shame!
If one strand of yarn has broken, you should only need to repair one row. Unfortunately, I can’t find a video clip of doing this with garter stitch, so I’ll try to explain.
Lie it flat and capture any unconnected loops with lockable stitch markers or strands of contrast yarn,to keep them secure. Follow your broken strand to the right of the hole for several stitches. Using the main colour yarn, start to duplicate stitch over that row using a blunt needle. Just follow the path of the existing yarn. That way, you’ll get to familiarise yourself with the structure as well as securing stitches either side of the hole.
When you get to the hole, the path of the needle will include the stitches in the rows above and below the hole ( that you should have secured earlier). Just make sure they’re not twisted. Then carry on doing duplicate stitch in several stitches further along. Then weave in the ends of your repair strand.
I’ve attached a couple of clips of duplicate stitch in garter which illustrate the path.

Must importantly, take your time! Don’t rush it - remember it’s just one long strand, and you can do this! Good luck.


You can do it!
Your blanket looks lovely, such a shame about the hole but you will get it fixed. Fortunately you have really well defined stitches which should make the duplicate stitch easier to do.
Good luck.

Thank you so much for this advice! I Will arm myself with patience and get stuck in :muscle:t2:


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With a little patience this will work out on your beautiful blanket. Here’s a tutorial that shows the patn that the yarn strand takes in garter stitch. It may help with mending the hole and joining the stitches above and below.