Please HELP me

get through all my current projects.
if I add to this list before I DELETE from this list, please come to my place for coffee and an intervention.

cinnamon coloured merino long sleeved crew neck sweater. (nearly done, just have to shape the cap of both sleeves, and stitch them in.)

A sweater based on a Degas painting. Halfway up the front. got seven colours going at the moment.

a “paper chain” scarf. need to use up this yarn, so what the heck, start a scarf.

gloves in a glorious shade of green, in a lace weight mohair yarn. LOVE the colour. one is halfway done.

sort of sagey-green slightly nubbly worsted weight grandpa sweater, with a pocket on the left breast and button placket part-way down.
small needles, many stitches because I’m knitting in size FAT at the moment. ( i put on weight with retirement, sigh).

mohair vest with bunnies along the bottom, just cuz I had the wool and needed to use it up.

an intarsia sweater in a sort of tourquoise blue, with sail boats in off white. almost done, but got bored. (a year ago.) (oh dear.)

oh, and a plain white cotton wash cloth, again just to use it up, but I’m adding a fun leaf edging to it. almost done. If I stop typing here, I could finish it today. DONE!!!

I think thats it for the knitting.

I refuse to discuss the needlepoint, or the sewing. Its hidden in the back room, and NO, there will not be a tour.

just did a count. That’s only EIGHT projects!!!

For the record, this week I finished a skirt, a big bulky sweater with a zipper, and two cats.
I feel better, now. :slight_smile: :mrgreen: :woohoo: :cheering:

I couldn’t name all my UFOs.

i wonder if we can get a group rate… there’s enough of us here in the same boat :wink:

An intervention here would turn into talking someone out of not buying yarn and not starting another project. Sounds fun, group rate should definitely apply. :thumbsup:

I WIN! I just finished my “spa” cloth. (That, I’m informed, is the new trendy-shmendy name for them…)
now to learn how to post a pic.


hmm… i just “spa-cloth’d” my dishes. i hope they feel relaxed, rejuvinated, rested… :wink:

I spa clothed some dishes too, and kitchen surfaces. I think the stovetop appreciated it more than the dishes or the countertop. :teehee:

good morning.
I’m still figuring out how to post a pic.
('i am LUDDITE!) will learn.

today, I finish the cinnamon sleeves.

Its like a small victory whenever something comes off the needles, and onto the body, isn’t it. good feeling.lj :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing the cinnamon sweater! Here are Jan’s very helpful directions for posting a photo.

I’ll check out the information, after I’ve read this mornings newspaper and had another cup of coffee.
In the meantime, I just found all these cute little star patterns. Christmas is coming, ya know!

great way to use up the “scrap” bits.

just shoot me now.

[B][I]this week I finished a skirt, a big bulky sweater with a zipper, and two cats. [/I][/B]

How did you finish the cats, with buttons or a zipper? Over look me. I’m trying to be funny here but I’m probably failing miserably. Doesn’t it feel great to get most of the work behind you? I have managed to commit myself to too much which wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t have to all be done by the end of May.

I don’t think I’d like to spa-cloth my dishes or anything else in the kitchen. I’ve even gone off spa-clothing myself after the demise of several cloths. Think I might just make them for decorative purposes only and call them something else.

Can you share the star patterns, knitonepurrtwo?


hope this works.

Lighting57, the cats are actually stuffed toys. Not the Knit your Own ones.

ok, that worked as a link to a photo. I was hoping for the photo to appear.

Its the spa-cloth (snork) but apparently, its been put to use as a cat-mat. you can just see the leaf edge.
Peaches is “spa-ing”.

no wonder everything I own is covered in cat hair.

sleeves of cinnamon sweater-- DONE!
just need to sew them in.

now. What to do, what to do…
with the FIVE extra balls of yarn.

I bought the yarn for this sweater at the Listowel tent sale.
(along with about a cubic yard of other yarn.)
I began knitting.
and then realized, I had only bought three bags of three skeins each, and needed more than that to finish.
So I called them.
they hunted for a few hours, and called me back.

there was ONE package left but the kicker was, Ild have to buy the whole package of three. Price, including shipping, was a whole whacking $21.

of course, I had it shipped.

and then I found the fourth package that I had already bought at the sale, buried in all the other wool I’ld bought.

I see matching socks in my future. :slight_smile:

5 balls of merino,85 g in a ball, in a sort of worsted? dk? weight. its VERY soft.


Here’s a link to one of the star patterns.

I’ll get around to learning the pic-posting eventually.

That looks like where it is located on your hard drive.

well, it works when[B] I[/B] click on it…


I’m new at this, can you tell?

cinnamon sweater DONE!

but I had to rip out the sleeve caps, and go at them again. I didn’t like how they were sitting.

(I make up my patterns as I go. sometimes, the results are good, sometimes, not so much.) it all works out in the end.

Does it count as a new project, if I start something but with the leftover yarn from what I just finished?
or is it just continuing to knit with that yarn?

like a set. :wink:
a sweater/sock set.

say that ten times fast.

Hello! Wake up and smell the coffee! That’s not a new project, that’s stash busting. You’re eliminating that “too much to throw out, too little to keep” yarn. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gillian’s right. It’s a mistake to give the kitchen the spa treatment. :doh: It likes it too much and creates so much mess that you have to do it again. What a waste. :mrgreen: Kind of like feeding a puppy, do it once, do it forever.