Please help me!

hi everyone.
i am very new to knitting (only been doing it a couple of months)
but i have gotten pretty good at reading patterns:woohoo: . i particularly love to knit hats:heart: , and i recently came across [COLOR=“Blue”]this beautiful beret[/COLOR]! i thought i’d give it a go but to my horror, the mastermind behind this piece did not write out the instructions:oo:…she charted them in stead:whoosh: here is the [COLOR=“Blue”]legend [/COLOR]she provided, and here is the [COLOR=“Blue”]chart[/COLOR]
now here is my question:

should i ignore all the grey boxes that according to the key means “no stitch” and if that is so…dose that mean row1 only has 2 stitches, a twisted stitch and a yo? and if that is the case…what should i do with the other 6 stitches on my needle (we had to cast 8s on 4 dpn’s)? slip them and then knit row 2? those “no stitch” boxes are really throwing me off becasue from what i have read about knit charts, EVERY box is supposedly a stitch in the pattern.

if someone can help me decipher this chart i would really appreciate it. i was looking fwd to starting this project sometime this week.
thanks in advance
Pheonix Phire

also she said something about using a dinner plate for blocking, but i dont know what that means either.

No, seriously, “no stitch” means “no stitch”. Look at the shape of the beret and think how you’d draw it flat. It’s like those world maps that look like an orange peel: something rounded represented on something flat. According to the directions, you work each section twice on each needle’s stitches.
If you’re not used to working in the round yet, try something quick and simple, like a cat toy or a Christmas ornament, and you’ll see what I mean. You’re going to work eight repeats of this chart, which will make eight sections that look sort of like the side of an American football with the bottom end trimmed off. This is a really beautiful beret and it’s going to be well worth the trouble of figuring this out.

When you’re done, to get the lace to show its best and make the whole thing look nice, you dampen the piece, stretch it around a dinner plate as if you were putting it on a (very flat) head, and let6 it air-dry. While it’s not 100% necessary to block hats, it does make them look nicer.

The ‘no stitch’ box is like ‘knit 0’ for a size, skip that block and do whatever the next box says on the next stitch. Each box is not a stitch, but shows an action; for instance, a dec uses 2 stitches but is only shown in one box.

Each row of the chart is repeated 8 times, so row 1 is a ktbl and YO, times 8 = 16 sts at the end of the round. The chart is read right to left on all rows because you’re working in the round. Note that only the odd rows are on the chart, it says to knit the rounds in between them. There are also a few rounds not on the chart (55, 57) and you’re to knit those as well.

i am familiar with wroking in the round. the no stitch thing just threw me off. and thank you so much for explaining what blocking is. i had never heard of that until i came across this pattern.

thank you thank you, you have been most helpful.
i kinda thought that it meant to do those 2 stitches 8 times but i just want sure.
now hearing you say each row is repated 8 times makes it a1000 times clearer, becasue when she said repeat chart 8times per round…i thought i had to do the entire chart as round one then do it again as round 2 and so on…and i couldnt figure out how i would fit every stitch on the chart into one round, when i am used to one round being one row…
its much clearer to me now. thank you so much!