Please help me :)

I am a beginner knitting for my little girls, and hope to finish this sweater while it still fits! It is called Very Easy Knit in One Piece Cardigan from website. So I have been knitting the back and increasing on both side to start forming the sleeves. I have reached the directed 97 sts. The next direction reads " Add on stitches to create to create cuffs at end of sleeve Cast on 10 sts (by knitting into last st, return new st to left needle and so on) at end of next 2 rows 117 sts.
why does it say at end of next 2 rows? don’t you cast on extra 10 all at once? or do you do 5 on each side? I’m just not getting it! Thanks for any clarification!

Actually you have to cast on sts this way at the beg of a row, not at the end. So turn your work, knit into the first st but leave it on the needle and put the new st on the L needle also. Do this to make 10 new sts, then work the new sts and the rest of the row. Turn and cast on 10 sts at the beg of this row too. You want 20 new sts (97 + 20 = 117) so there’s 10 on each side.

Oh thank you! Now it all adds up :rofl: