Please help me


I’m working on a pattern in the harmony guides knit and purl book.

it’s called the pleats stitch
the problem that i’m having is that it tells me to cast on a multiple of 2+1+2 sts each edge

I cast on 41 sts
2 sts for the edge +37 stitches + 2 sts for the edge

row 1: edge st, *k1,p1, rep from * to last two sts, k1, edge st.

the problem is that i have a stitch left. if i assume the edge st. is two stiches. after i knit the last k1 i have a stich left over… i’m not sure if i’m missing something. but it’s driving me crazy. can someone please help?

You need a multiple of 2 sts, plus an extra, then 4 sts for the edge, so that should work. Knit the 2 edge sts, then your pattern is over the 37 sts, (k1, p1) 18 times, then k the next st and the 2 edge sts. The last k1 is not part of the edge stitches, but the extra one in the k1, p1 pattern.

Thank you so much!!! that’s what i thought…
think what confused me was that i thought it meant knit until there are two stitches left plus the two edge stitch… but i get it now… I’m so grateful for your help. I’ve spent hours trying to figure this out and you explained it perfectly :slight_smile: thanks again

I think it’s a typo. Should be 'knit until 3 sts left, k1, knit edge sts. Unless it should be - edge sts, k1 (p1, k1), knit till 2 sts left, knit edge sts.