Please help me!

I have a pattern that says pkso2! It’s a square that has a ballerina on it. I would like to make my dd a blanket with these squares. She just auditioned for the New York City Ballet this weekend, and is only 12 years old. I would really really love to make this for her, but the main stitch in this pattern is pkso2. It gives instructions on how to do this, but I still don’t get it!!! Thanks in advance for the help. :wall: :shrug:

Would it be possible to show the instructions for that entire row?

Yes, it goes like this: K2 *yo, pkso2; repeat from *, end k1

:think: I haven’t seen this before so I googled for it and still came up with nothing :teehee:

I’m gussing they are wanting you to pass slip stitch over some way… can you tell us what they say it is?

Well, while we wait for an answer, congratulations on your dd’s progress in her art!

I keep wanting it to mean to pass the knit stitch over the yo, but I don’t get the 2.

There was a post yesterday about a PK stitch being a German stitch along with instructions. Not sure if that helps or applies here…

Yes, sorry guys. I am at work trying to do this. These are the instructions; pkso2-worked over 3 stitches: K3, insert point of left hand needle from left to right into top of the first of these 3 k sts and lift it over the other two and off the right hand needle, as in a psso. Thanks for help, and thanks for the support on her.

:teehee: OK you might want to wait and see if anyone agrees with this…Ok I would knit 3 sts off the left needle…they are now on my right needle… I would lift the first of the 3 that I worked off and over the last 2 I worked and drop it off the right hand needle…

Thanks so much dustinac, that sounds good to me. I have been so aggravated with it, trying to figure it out! God, I love this website!

I agree with dustina, that’s what they want you to do.

Thanks for all of your help guys. Thanks suzeeq! I will go home tonight and try to work on it, I will let you know what happens! :waving: :cheering: