Please help me!

There are two books on ebay that I would love to have, but the sellers will not send it to England:cry:. I have a FPO AE box, so it is just like sending it down the street. Would someone please buy these books for me? :help: I will pay you for the books, and shipping to you and then to me. If you can help please let me know in the next hour or so. It is 10:33 am my time so it is 5:33 am EDT.

The books are:
Successful Sock Knitting for beginners EASY pattern NEW
Knit Socks! 15 Cool Patterns Knitting

Can you still get them ?

Yes, only the second book though.
Knit Socks! 15 Cool Patterns Knitting, so if you would get if for me, I will put money in paypal this afternoon.

The first book, the seller is going to let me buy it off of ebay through their store.

Never mind, and thanks for offering. Seller decided since we are military stationed here, that they would make an exception for us.

Well she should. APO addresses are deliverd by the USPS to a US zip code and are then sent overseas. Mailing it would be the same as sending a package across the country.

Well, ebay is discriminating against us, too. I went to put in the FPO AE address, and they will not accept it and a valid address. Kind of makes me think that they do not want us to do business with their company.

this is just my opinion, and i know it only counts for about [SIZE=“1”]that[/SIZE][SIZE=“2”] much, but i think that military should be treated just like the rest of us americans no matter where they are, even if it’s a little more complicated on the shipper’s end. i mean, think about the sacrifices they (and everyone who loves them) are making. can you tell my brother’s in the air force? :teehee:[/SIZE]

it should be the same…I use Flat Rate shipping to hubby in Iraq and I pay the same as if I were sending in the states.

I sent you a e-mail

Great!! they should do that for all miltitary families

My husband was stationed in Pakistan and Afganistan he alternated between them every few weeks and was gone almost the entire year of 2003.

I sent packages to him like regular US Mail too.

Companies need to catch up and do some research. Stuff like that shouldn’t happen but the ignorant we will always have with us.

It is just very frustrating.