Please help me!

I’m working on a long scarf using sock yarn. I am trying to add another skein but they won’t stay together and will start to unravel. Are there any ways I can make sure the yarn ends will stay together???
Lots of helpful info in this blog to browse through. You don’t say where you are trying to make the join but,if all else fails, I knot the 2 yarns together(not too tightly) and after finishing the project I’ll go back and untie the knot and then weave in those ends(good for slippery yarns).The blog shows how to join at the edge or midway through a row plus others, so it covers all bases :slight_smile:
edited to add this video which you may find helpful

and this video shows the magic knot to join yarns if this helps
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If the yarn is animal fiber and not super wash you can probably spit splice, but otherwise just make sure the tails are long enough to weave in (I usually leave them 6-10 inches) and just start knitting with the new skein. It will be loose at the join, but you can weave them in a close the gap later. If the gap bothers you loosely tie the ends together and the untie and weave in later.