Please help me with this

I am currently working on this project right here

for some reason i have 4 extra stitches at the end …

i understand that on the last triangle i have to PU … so do i have to PU from the 4 extra stitches or the opposite way of the triangle ?? …

Anyone out there done this pattern before ?? please help me !

You pick up sts from the other edge. There shouldn’t be 4 extra sts, you do 7 triangles, then kind of a half one for the edge and that takes care of the odd sts left over.

How did you get 7 triangles, and kind of half for the edge ?

i tried 8 times already and i am still having troubles …

cast on is 104 sts.

each triangle is 15 sts

6 triangles is total 90 sts … there are 14 sts left … on the pattern chart it says that the last triangle at the row 14 i have to decrease it … so there for i have 4 extra sts left …

i am really bad with reading the pattern instruc. can you please explain what i did wrong ?? and please walk me through it ??? thank you so much :muah: :muah: :muah:

The pattern says -
“One triangle is complete. [B]Next six triangles [/B]
Repeat from * to * 6 more times. Turn.
[B]Last Triangle”[/B]

So you do the first triangle, then do 6 more, and work the last triange which is only a partial, not a full one because you only go to row 14 then dec at the end for shaping. However, that only uses 92 sts. It may be that you actually make the first triangle, then 7 more and the last triangle which would use up the 104 sts.

You said each triangle is 15 sts, I only see 12. On Row 21 you knit 12 across, then start the next triangle which begins with k2, but it’s a separate triangle, not part of the previous one.

Cast on 104 sts.
Work the start up triangles across row as follows:
Make first base triangles
(RS): * Row 1: K2. Turn.
Row 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 16, 18, 20: Purl to end of triangle being worked. Turn.
Row 3: K3. Turn.
Row 5: K3 ssk. Turn.
Row 7: K5. Turn.
Row 9: K6. Turn.
Row 11: K6. ssk. Turn.
Row 12: K7. Turn.
Row 13: K1, YO, k2tog, YO, k2tog, YO, k2tog, k1. Turn.
Row: 14: K8. Turn.
Row 15: K9. Turn.
Row 17: K10. Turn.
Row 19: K10, ssk. Turn.
Row 21: K12.*
One triangle is complete.

Suzeeq some how i still didn’t get it … and my triangle always turn out 15 sts.

row 1 - 2 sts
row 3 - 3 sts
row 5 - ssk = 5 sts
row 7 - 6 sts
row 9 - 7 sts
row 11- ssk = 9 sts
row 13 - 10 sts
row 15 - 11sts
row 17 - 12 sts
row 19 - ssk = 14sts
row 21 - 15 sts

Can you please tell me what did i do wrong here ??? … I tried to count every single row that i work on over and over … some how it still ended with 15sts. and still have that extra 4 sts at the end sighz

Why are there 3 sts on row 2? There should only be the 2 that you knit on row 1. You knit the 3rd st on row 3, then on row 5 you knit those 3 sts then you ssk the next stitch with one of the cast on sts. I think that’s how you’re picking up the extra stitches.

Later on I might be able to cast on enough for a couple blocks and try this out, but I think you’re knitting an extra stitch from the cast where you shouldn’t be yet. See on row 21 you knit 12 which should be all the sts you have for this triangle then you move to the next one.

I do have exactly 12 sts when the triangle completed …

this is so so so so confused … :frowning: :frowning:

It didn’t? Okay, I’ll co enough for a couple triangles and the edge Triangle and see how it comes out.

There are only 12 sts, I think maybe you messed up the SSKs which is what has thrown you off. They’re decreases and with 3 of them you would get 15 sts if you slipped one and knit 1 which isn’t what you do. Refer to the Decreases video to see how to do it.

So here’s how the sts work out –
R1 - k2, turn and purl back over those 2
R3 - K3 (this is the 2 sts plus one from the CO) turn and p 3
R5 - k3, ssk (this is a tricky bit. k3 over your 3 sts, then ssk the next 2sts of the CO. This isn’t usual in entrelac, but it’s to keep your CO edge from being too tight which is easy to do) turn and purl 4 sts.
R7 - k5 (your 4 sts and one from the CO), turn and p5
R9 - K6 (5 previous sts and one from the CO), turn and p6
R11 - k6, ssk (same as R5, the ssk is the next 2 sts of the CO), turn and k7 instead of purl.
R13 - k1, yo, k2T, yo, k2T, yo, k2tog, k1 (this is a lace pattern over the 7 sts - the last k1 is from the CO), turn and knit 8 instead of purl.
R15 - k9 (8 plus 1 CO st), turn and p9
R17 - k10 (9 and 1 CO st), turn and p 10
R19 - K10, ssk (same as rows 5 and 11; the ssk is 2 sts from the CO) turn and p11
R21 - k12 (11 sts plus one from the CO)

You do not turn here, knit 2 more sts from the caston to begin R1 of the next triangle.

Hope that helps you sort it out.

I’m not as good at trouble-shooting as Suzeeq, but I think she’s got it. An SSK is a decrease, but you’re going from 3 to 5 stitches with an SSK, it appears.

My dd was doing this wrong and her project kept growing. She was reciting, “slip, slip, knit” as she did it, but what she was doing was slipping a stitch, slipping another stitch and then knitting the NEXT stitch, leaving those two slipped stitches unknitted. I second the suggestion to check out the video on SSK and see if that solves your problem…or at least helps!