Please help me with this pattern

Hi everyone,
Im a beginner in knitting. I am trying to understand this pattern but im stuck on a few points. Im making this in size 3 months. This pattern was originally in french and has been translated in english with google translator.

Under Armhole it is written :
"At 22.5 ( 25.5) 28.5 (30.5) 32.5 cm, 72 (80) 90 (96) 102 ranks mm and continue knitting 37 (40) 43 (46) 47 sts stocking sts, 16 (17 ) 20 (21) 22 1/1 rib stitches in the left shoulder edge. "
I just didnt get these instructions

Under Neckline:
I didnt understand:" and continue each side separately by folding on neckline 1 x 2 sts."
what is meant by folding on neckline? and 1x2 sts?

Also if anyone could explain the left and right shoulder please.

Coming to the front:
what does it mean by:
“continue each side separately by folding neckline on every other row: 2 sts “
what is 1x2, 1x3 sts?
In the sleeve section:
What does it mean by:
” Continue stocking stitch needles 3.5 mm with increasing 2 sts each side of the board:3 months: 5 x 1 st on every 8th row”

Also if anyone can explain the Collar part please.

Really sorry for being so dumb but im just a beginner and am used to very simple plain instructions.
Would really appreciate your help.
Thanks :slight_smile:
P.S i have attached the pattern for reference.

Welcome to KH!
That’s quite a project to choose. Google translator isn’t perfect and especially when it comes to something technical. I’ll give you my best guesses but you might be better off with a pattern originally printed in English.
Can you give us the name of the original French pattern?

  1. For the Armhole, the instructions are to continue on 53sts, working in stockinette sitch over the first 37sts and in k1p1 rib (1/1 rib) on the remaining 16sts.

  2. For the Neckline, bind off 2sts once to shape the neck edge.

  3. You’re going to work the shoulders one at a time.

  4. “Folding” may be a mistranslation of decreasing or binding off.

  5. 1 x 2sts, 1 x 3sts is likely bind off 2sts once, 3sts once.

  6. For the sleeves, increase at each end of every 8th row. Repeat the increase row 5 times.

  7. The collar is going to be open at one shoulder with buttonholes and buttons to close it up.

thanks for your help. The original pattern link is: