Please help me with this pattern!

I’m knitting my first sweater and I need help with a section of this pattern:

(I will add the url in a post below. Since this is my first post it’s not letting me add it here)

specifically the section that says:

“continue working in © for 2-3/4” at the Front. Work in 3 sets of short rows (6 additional rows total) using wrap and turns on the Back. End with WS row.

Start working the intarsia chart Center Front for the star at this 2-3/4" point. Work the chart for the star back and forth on the same circular needle. This will leave a gap on one side where your round begins, which you will seam later. "

I’ve never done short rows before and I have no clue what this means. Does the 2-3/4" measurement mean I work until it’s that long lengthwise and then start short rows, or 2-3/4" into the row??? I’m so confused… please help!!

Here is the url for the pattern:

Welcome and what a great looking sweater pattern!
The instructions want you to work 2 3/4" in blue measured in the front from the end of the stripe pattern, so work enough rows to give that measurement. While you’re working these rows the directions are to put in short rows, 6 extra rows on the back of the sweater. This’ll give you extra height at the back of the neck and keep the sweater from creeping down as it’s worn.

Here’s a video for one kind of short row

and here is another kind which may be easier to do

Ok so I need to go back and forth 3 times (for 6 short rows) on the Back before connecting it back to the Front? I’m sorry if this is a stupid question. I’m still trying to wrap my head around short rows in general, let alone doing them in the round.

Ok I think I just had an epiphany. You mean I need to knit like usual so I get up to 2-3/4", but each time I go around the Back do 1 set of short rows and then continue on to the Front?

Yes, that seems like it’ll work. It will distribute the shorts rows a bit and that seems fine.