Please help me with this pattern- I think I messed up!


I’ve been working on this shrug from Debbie Bliss’ Junior Knits ([I]Molly[/I] is the pattern). I did the back, front and sleeves, then had to pick up stitches along the front edging and collar for a ribbed edge, which I did.

Here’s how the pattern reads for the ribbing:
1st row[/B] (wrong side) P2, * k2, p2; rep from * to end.
Working in rib as set, cont as follows:
[B]Next 2 rows[/B] Rib to last 86 sts, turn.
[B]Next 2 rows[/B] Rib to last 82 sts, turn.
[B]Next 2 rows[/B] Rib to last 78 sts, turn.
[B]Next 2 rows[/B] Rib to last 74 sts, turn.
[B]Next 2 rows[/B] Rib to last 69 sts, turn.
[B]Next 2 rows[/B] Rib to last 64 sts, turn.
[B]Next row[/B] Rib to end.
Work a further 7 rows in rib.
Bind off in rib.

So… I’m now working the 7 last rows of rib, but my work looks really weird and I’m wondering if I read this pattern right. One side of my work is much thicker than the other side, because I turned and went back before I got to the end of each row. I must have misunderstood the pattern. Was I not supposed to turn, then rib my way back to the beginning? I will try to post a picture…

you can see the left side is thicker than what’s on the right

another angle:

Here is what it looks like laid out as a shrug and the side on the left is so thick! I still have four more rows of rib to do along the whole edge:

So, can anyone please tell me what I did wrong and how I need to re-do it so I don’t make the same mistake? Thank you so much; any input would be appreciated!

It looks as though you started picking up stitches in the wrong place…the picture in the pattern shows the ribbing wider around the
neckline and narrower around the front edges. :frowning:

I’m surprised they didn’t have you join the front and back together before doing the ribbing??? Doesn’t the back get ribbing too?


I think you misread the instructions for the short rows.

[B]Next 2 rows[/B] Rib to last 86 sts, turn.
[B]Next 2 rows[/B] Rib to last 82 sts, turn.
[B]Next 2 rows[/B] Rib to last 78 sts, turn.
[B]Next 2 rows[/B] Rib to last 74 sts, turn.
[B]Next 2 rows[/B] Rib to last 69 sts, turn.
[B]Next 2 rows[/B] Rib to last 64 sts, turn.

You do these rows, leaving the number of stitches [B]unworked [/B]for each 2 rows as stated. You do turn, but don’t go all the way to the beginning of the rows.

[B]Next row[/B] Rib to end.

This is where you start doing long rows again, after doing 12 short rows, then you do 7 more long rows. This is to make the collar portion of the ribbing deeper than the lower edges.

I agree with suzeeq … the first row you knit until there are 86 st left on the left needle … turn … and knit until there are 86 st on the left needle again - don’t knit all the stitches on the left needle - then turn again and knit until there are 82 stitches on the left needle …turn … knit until 82 stitches left on left needle … turn … knit until 78 st on left needle etc

remember - every time you turn that the ‘old’ right needle becomes the ‘new’ left needle

Thank you so much for your replies!

I have never done short rows before and I just looked it up here… is it the “short rows w/a wrap” that I need to do? (do I need to wrap the yarn like that?) Or do I just turn my work and go back the other way? (are there any videos on this site that just shows how to do a short row?)

Thanks again! I’m kicking myself in the butt for not reading the instructions correctly!:waah:

Oh, I forgot to answer Diane’s question: yes, the back does get ribbing, too, but I haven’t gotten there in the pattern yet. I need to pick up more stitches to do that.

Yes, you can do a wrap too. I think there may be a video for short rows, the next best is this article from knitty - - that has several pictures to demonstrate the technique.


Okay, I’ve watched the video and read the link from the knitty site. I’m still a bit confused about the wrapping part, though. Forgive me for being a dunce about this. So, do I wrap the stitch at the beginning and end of each row? Or only wrap at the end of all of my short rows? It seems, if I’m reading correctly, that I need to wrap the first and last stitch of each row of the short rows I’m doing? :help: Thanks again for helping me with this!

When you get to the stitch that will be your last one on the short row, wrap it and turn – at least according to the knitty article. There are a couple ways to do it.


your pattern doesn’t say to wrap … so personally I wouldn’t :shrug:

I only wrap if it says … wrap & turn …

That would normally have been my answer. I always turned my work without wrapping unless it was indicated to do so. However, I was curious this morning and did some research and found out that there is a reason to do the wrap and turn.

If you do short rows and just turn your work it can create a gap. The wrap and turn is one method of closing that gap.

I did some googling this morning and found some interesting stuff on Nona Knits. If you scroll down awhile you will find three different short row techniques and a bit on her “Short Row Experiment.” While the wrap and turn method is the most popular, it isn’t the only way to close that gap created by short rows and not Nona’s fave.

I haven’t had my second cup of coffee this morning yet but I may experiement a bit with the other techniques as soon as I can “wrap” my mind around them! :teehee:


The only times you might not wrap for short rows is when they’re in garter stitch, or if you wanted the holes, like knitty’s Calorimetry where they serve as buttonholes.


I ended up doing the wrap method because I couldn’t wrap my brain around the Japanese short row method. I am not sure I did it correctly, as I still see some holes. (the part I was a bit confused on was picking the wrapped stitch up when you go back over it) Debbie Bliss has some instructions on short rows in another of her books that I looked up and she said gave instructions for the wrap method (used on a collar, as well). I finished up my short rows last night, so tonight I will be working on the remainder of the rib stitch across the whole length.

Thanks for your help!

The last KnitPicks catalog had a great tutorial on short rows. Here’s a link:

Not sure why, but for some reason, these instructions finally clicked for me. I still don’t love short rows, but maybe mine won’t be embarrassing any more.


Hmmm, see I don’t understand if it makes a difference if you wrap prior to turning your work or not.

I looked at the video on this site (short rows with a wrap) and Amy did short rows by knitting to the end of the short row, then she turned the work and slipped the stitch off of the right needle, wrapped it, then stuck it back on the right needle, then continued to knit. I mean, I know it’s the same stitch that’s being wrapped, since she turns her work first, then slips the stitch from the right needle, as opposed to slipping the left stitch and wrapping, then turning the work (like on the knitpicks instructions). But does it make a difference on how the end result looks? Or am I being completely clueless as to how the stitches are worked? I’m still pretty much a beginner knitter and still don’t understand the inner workings of how exactly two needles can put a stitch together with yarn. I still find it amazing!

She picked up the wrap right after turning? Never heard of that. Tell you what… Take up some spare yarn, knit about 36 sts in the ribbing and try out different ways to do short rows. That way you can compare them and see which you like best.