Please help me with this instruction

Hi there. I’m new to this forum and also fairly new to knitting. I’m working on a pattern for baby booties and it says K 2 rows, p 2 rows twice. This is confusing to me. Does this mean I knit 2 rows, pearl 2 rows and then do it again or do i knit 2 rows then pearl 4 rows? Help!

Not seeing the pattern, my guess is that it probably means to k2 rows, p2rows then k2 rows, p 2 rows again. That is what is has meant in the patterns I have done (but no booties)

Welcome to KH!

Sounds to me like you knit 2 rows, purl 2 rows, knit 2 rows, purl 2 rows. Sometimes patterns make more sense as you work them, and that might happen with the booties. And if you make a mistake, you can always go back - I myself learn an awful lot that way:teehee: Good luck with them!

It has to mean knit 2 rows, then purl 2 rows, then do those 4 rows over again. Otherwise it would mean to knit 2 rows, then purl 4 rows, and they would just say that. That is, if the pattern was written correctly, and they often make mistakes.:wink: