Please help me with the neckband...!

I’m knitting my first sweater and I’m stuck at the neckband.

Here’s the neckband pattern:
Neckband: With RS facing, using smaller needles, beg at right back shoulder, pick up and k40(42-44-46-48) sts across back neck edge, 15 sts along left front neck edge, 20(22-24-26-28) sts across front neck edge, then 15 sts along right front neck edge – 90(94-98-102-106) sts. Beg with Row 2, work even in ribbing same as for back for 1 1/2”, end on WS. Bind off all sts in ribbing. Sew right shoulder and neckband seam.

I don’t understand if that means I need pick up and K back and forth the left and the front? how do I pick up and K the back neck edge and do the front neck edge again? Do I suppose to pick up and knit with different needles?.. sorry for many questions but I really can’t fgure it out…

I would really appreciate if somebody could explain the neckband section in detail please… thank you!!

Essentially the pick up and knit is all in one. Just pick up the sts around the neck and proceed with the row 2 directions for ribbing.