Please help me with my dog sweater

I am trying to make a sweater for my dog:knitting: I am at the very end of it after doing the wrap and turns…and it says to break the yarn and place the stiches on a holder. sew the center seam of the sweater. now here is my problem…then it says to use circular needle and knit across stiches on holder knitting up the wraps as they appear. My question is…why do i have to break the yarn when I place the stiches on a holder? Also the yarn is already into the piece six stiches due to the wrap. I am ready to pull my hair out!!!

Not to worry. You usually are told to break the yarn and place sts on a holder at the end of a project like this. You do not need to cut/break the yarn if you don’t want to… but it could well get in the way of what you’re doing next.

Also, you may need to start your “knit across the sts on the holder” at the other end from where you find your yarn at when you put the sts on the holder. In that case, you do need to break it so you can join the yarn at the other end.

I’m not sure what you mean by “wraps”. Usually to finish off a project like this, the directions will ask you to pick up sts around the edges and do some kind of ribbing for like half-an-inch or so. This keeps the coat from curling and makes your project look much more professional.

What kind of dog do you have? I just finished a set - a tunic for my mother and a matching dog-coat for her dachshund. Worked out pretty well.

Any photos?

Hopes this helps,

The wraps are from the ‘wrap and turn’ short row sections.

Since the yarn is not at the end, maybe that’s why you should cut it and start at the edge.:shrug: