Please help me understand this

I started a sweater for my gd and I’m about to bind off for under the arm. Please help me make sure I understand the directions…which are…

“Bind off at beg of row, 5 stitches TWICE”. So do I bind off on both ends of the same row 5 stitches? or bind off five then work that row then when I turn my work bind of 5 on that row. Then do it again on the next two rows? It’s the TWICE that is confusing me. :shrug:

It then says " then 2 stitches TWICE. So I’m lost.

Thank you for your help!! :muah:

You cannot bind off at the end of a row, only at the beginning. So these bind offs will be done over 4 rows.

Bind off 5, finish row. Turn.
Bind off 5, finish row. Turn.
Bind off 2, finish row. Turn.
Bind off 2, finish row.

You’d bind off at the beginning of the next 2 rows. BO twice is what they want, not 4 times.


Yes, but then after that it said “then 2 stitches twice”. So in total the bind offs would be over 4 rows, no?


Thank you all so much!! I get it now. I do appreciate your help. :muah:

Okay, I missed that. Yes, then the next 2 rows you’d BO the 2 sts on each.