Please help me to identify these tools

I found these laying around in my cabinet. I’m pretty sure they’re knitting tools, but I have no idea what to use them for.


i think the first one has something to do with knitting cables… someone else will have to answer that. but the second one is a stich holder. for when you need to hold stitches while you knit another spot on your project.

The top one is definatley a cable needle. You use 'em to hold your stitches to the front or back of your work while you make cables.

I’ve actually found that I prefer that particular shape to the one with the dip in the middle. Less chance of the stitches slipping off.

Now, you must go make a sweater with them!

Hey, thanks!

My knitting a sweater is a bit further down the line (gotta do the obligitory 50 or so beginner-scarves-of-doom first), but it’s good to know I’ve got some of the necessary equipment.

Eh, ditch the scarves and make the sweater. :wink: :happydance:

I don’t think I made a single scarf until I had already done some slippers, a kercheif thing, and a tank top for myself. In fact, I think I made a subconscious point of not making one until I had made other things. :lol:

You can knit a cabled scarf with that cable needle. Knitting cables is very, very, very easy!

This is a great pattern for trying out cables:

You only do the cable once every eight rows. The rest of the time you are either knitting or purling.

And of course, you can watch the knitting help cable video to see how easy knitting cables is.

That’s great advice, I waited waaaaay to long to start in on sweaters.

The second one is a stitch holder. I have several like that!

I was supposed to do 50 scarves??? I did one. Well, part of one. I knit until the partial skein was gone. Then I made a baby afghan and a baby sweater. That’s typical, I’ve never been big on following the rules.

You can do a sweater, you can, you can! And don’t be scared of cables, they’re easy. I taught myself in one evening, just me and some knitting books with good pics from the library.

Let us know when you take the plunge! :slight_smile:

If there is a kid around in your life that you can knit something for, it’s a great way to learn sweater construction–all the elements without all the knitting, so if it’s not perfect, well, kids don’t care.