Please help me T_T

Hello lovely knitters!

I just started a new sweater pattern and one thing I can’t solve.

I worked in K1b, P1 rib for my back of the sweater and need to do increases on the last row from 114 sts to 140 sts to start the patterns.

The pattern says [ (Rib 1 inc on next st.)twice Rib 3 inc on next st.) ]12 times Rib 2.

So which means I have to increase total 26 sts. right? But I can’t figure out how to reach that number with this instruction.

If you can give me any helps and tips it will be very appreciative!

Thank you!

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
What is the name of your pattern?
There seems to be something missing even before working the increases. The sts don’t add up to 114 to start.

Hello salmonmac!! thanks for welcoming me <3
The pattern’s name is Kane Sweater from Aran Sweater Market.

Very handsome sweater. Looking at the row, there’s an error somewhere.
I’d just calculate how to distribute the increases approximately evenly across the 114 sts.
You can use a stitch calculator if you like:
There are many other calculators online too.

Thank you so much!! I will use that stitch calculator!

Thanks again!

Have a great day!