Please help me on this pattern

Hi I’m quite new to knitting and starting with simple patterns
I’m having trouble with the following pattern
It’s a hat for a man - with Wendy serenity

Cast on 38sts
Knit 3 rows
Beginning with a purl row work in St stitch (k on rs, p on ws) for 21 rows
(This is where I have got up to)
Next row: *k2tog , repeat from * across - 19sts
Cut yarn leaving a long tail
Thread yarn through remaining sts , pull tightly to gather and knot to secure.
Seam hat
Weave in ends

I don’t know what to do next ? Does it mean knit 2 stitches together - all 38 until 19 remain - on the same row?) I’m confused

Hi Emily

Yes continue to do the k2tog along the next row you should have 19 stitches at the end