Please help me learn to rib its driving me crazy!

hello everyone I’m a self taught knitter and so far iv made a few basic things like baby booties and a scarf.So now iv decided to make a hat and it starts off with ribbing - IT IS DRIVING ME MAD. I just cant seem to get it right and i don’t no where i’m going wrong. Its just a normal knit 1, purl 1 rib the pattern tells me to cast on 90 ( which is fine ) then rib for 8 rows . I haven’t done any other projects with purl stitches but i no i’m doing this right as iv checked the videos on here , and i’m remembering to bring my yarn forward for the purl and back for the knit stitches. The knitting looks like spiders webs rather than nice ribbed rows ??? any ideas anyone would be very greatfull.

Can you post a picture of what you’re ending up with? That might help us figure out what’s going wrong. Sounds like it could be you’re knitting a little too loosely, but it’s hard to say without seeing it. The main thing to remember with ribbing is to knit what you see- if you see a purl in the row right below the stitch you’re working on, then do a purl. If you see a knit, then do a knit.

Yeah, everytime I do a rib pattern, I forget whether I’m supposed to knit my knits or purl my knits. (IE: Do I – Row1: k1, p1 Row 2: k1, p1… or is it Row 1: k1, p1 Row 2: p1, k1)??? Doing it the right way will give you a lovely rib pattern. Doing it the wrong way will give you a messy spiderwebby look.

Since I can never remember, I usually end up tearing out a couple of rows when I realize I chose the wrong option LOL I really should write it down somewhere, eh?

(as for which way is correct… I can’t remember in order to tell you!)

Angie, when you’re doing ribbing, just knit what you see in the stitch below. :slight_smile: It’s a great exercise in learning to read your knitting. Doing it “wrong” produces moss stitch (also called seed stitch) if you’re doing k1/p1.

There’s a ribbing video under Basic Stitches on the Tips page, that might help. And remember to move your yarn back to front and back again between the needle tips.

hi i just did a practice square of the rib pattern with a bit of old yarn casting on 20 and doing rib for about 5 rows and it worked!!! I think on my hat project as it has 90 stitches per row id only been knitting 3 rows then thinking id gone wrong and starting again when in actual fact it was fine!! he he Thank you all so much for your help!!! and i looked at the video where she tells you to look for the scarf and the noose this has really helped me stay on track of which stitch.
woohoo il have a hat in no time!:woot:

YAY, good for you! Sometimes it’s hard to tell that ribbing is working right until you have several rows done. Knitting is weird that way. :slight_smile:

Yes, most stitch patterns need several rows before they start looking like they’re supposed to.