Please help me learn to finish my blanket!

I only learned to knit a month before I had my baby in September2006. I have finished what I wanted but I don’t know how to bind off. I came to this website to learn, but wound up with a loop at the end of the "Knit, knit one , pull first stitch over second, knit one, pull first stitch over second, and so on. And now what do I do with the left over loop??? please please help me…I have put this off for far too long, and I’d like my baby to use her blanket mommy made for her before she graduates from high school LOL

Thanks !

oh yeah and I did seed stitch borders…did I make a mistake of knitting the whole binding off, because I read (unfortunately too late) that if it was ribbed K1 P1, I should alternate when binding off…oops

Cut the yarn about 3 inches from the stitch and pull the loop through the last stitch. Then weave the end in through the other stitches. Before you cut, you can undo the BO row and do it over in k1,p1 if you want.


Thanks Sue!

I think I’ll leave it as is… I’ve yet to learn to undo it and redue a row! Funny , I know…but ti’s come out pretty nice for my very first project!.

thanks again!

It’s okay to leave it then. Next time you can do it in the pattern.