Please Help Me Knit a 'Corner'/I asked ... (Merged)

I’m making a baby bib from the Mason Dixon Knitting book but I wanted to elongate the arms, and I wanted to make the one arm ‘turn a corner’ if you know what I mean? so that it goes around the back of babys neck and over to the other arm. Does that make sense?

So say I have 10 stitches on the needle, and I want to make it turn the corner. It can be round or square I don’t care, but if anyone knows how to do this pleaaaaaaase help a girl out!!


But I did not get an answer, so maybe it will help if I post it here. I’m trying to make a corner (preferrably square, but round would be OK). I’m knitting a baby bib from the Mason Dixon book. the one arm instead of it just being straight i want it to round a corner. I assume there is some sort of increase/decrease type thing that I need to do to do this but I can’t figure it out. If anyone can help me I would be very appreciative. Thanks!


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I do not now the pattern
but it sounds like its a baby bib with sleves attached
and you want there to be a bit of a bib in the back to atach the backs of the sleaves together?
that would be a bit more like a shrug
or a dickie with sleaves attached

does that sound like what you want?


I want to first explain this is not MY picture or my knitting but I needed a picture, I guess, to explain. This is the bib:

see how the arms are both just straight? Well, I wanted to take the one arm and make it go across to the other arm (where the back of baby’s neck would be). so like, an upside down L type thing. I know this is terribly hard to explain, but I’m sure there is a way to do it, I just can’t figure out how!


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Could you just knit the pattern as is, and after you’re done, pick up stitches on the one side, and knit out? That might be the easiest way.

I guess I could do that, it’s just that I’ve seen some ‘angle’ knitting that i thought would be cool to do on it. that’s what I was looking for. it’s so hard for me to explain. But maybe I will try that if no one can point me in the right direction.


CO however many sts you bound off for the lower part.


After you get the arm to the length you want, you could short row to get it to turn right.

Here’s a dish cloth pattern I like that is done with short rows, you would just do one repeat to make a right hand turn.

if you go here and look at the right menu bar it says 4 corners discloth. Its a word doc download. you would follow one repeat, or as how many stitches you have.

That should give you a right hand turn.