Please help me identify t

I think this plastic piece was handed down from my grandmother. I’m guessing maybe it’s some sort of yarn guide, but I can’t figure out how you would use it. Can someone tell me what it’s called and post a picture or a link to information about how to use it?

@AmyV, your photo didn’t upload. Can you try again, please, perhaps make the file smaller if it’s very large? Are you using the up-arrow icon above the reply box?

Use this to upload photos from your computer or device. If you can resize to no larger than 800 on the longest side it might help, too. It’s not necessary, but that used to be a problem so it may still be.

Can everyone see the picture?

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I see it, but don’t have a clue what it is. Sorry!

How big is it? It looks like a napkin ring to me.

I don’t know what it could be used for yarn but it does look like some of my dad’s steel guitar picks.


Defenitely a lot smaller than a napkin ring. Maybe an inch or two? Don’t have it with me.

Wow. Looks like it could be a thumb pick and fits. I was wondering if it was something for sewing or embroidery that made its way into my grandmothers knitting supplies, but my money is on it was from my uncle who fooled around with the lap harpsichord. Probably a thumb pick from that. I’m considering it case closed. Thanks!!!


Oh good! I’m glad Mike helped you figured it out!

Me too! It was making me crazy not knowing.