Please help me fix this pattern

I was suppose to cast on in multiples of four for my pattern but in my eagerness I cast on 50 stitches. I’ve already done the ribbing (and LOVE how it looks), so I am hoping someone can help me rewrite the pattern to factor in my two extra stitches.

The pattern was:
row 1-(k2 p2) to the end
row 2-(p1k2p1) to the end
row 3-(p2 k2) to the end
row 4-(k1p2k1) to the end

So… now I should do
row 1-(k2 p2) until last two stitches, k2
row 2-k1p1 (p1k2p1-repeat to the end)
row 3-(p2 k2) until last two stitches, p2
row 4-p1 k1 (k1p2k1- repeat to the end)

Does that seem correct? I feel like this should be the easiest thing to figure out but mapping patterns confuse me because I can’t get used to the “read to the right, then read to the left, then read back to the right” method.

One last question. I received a stitching book with the cryptic instructions of: “work each st in the manner that it presents” for certain rows. So, if the previous stitch was a knit on the right side (and looks like a purl on the wrong side), the next stitch underneath on the wrong side should be a purl?

Thank you for any help!

I would probably decrease 2 stitches on the final row of your ribbing and then work the pattern as written. Or if you don’t want to do that, work an extra knit stitch at each end.

As for working the pattern as it presents, you’re right. If the stitch facing you looks like a purl, purl it; a knit, knit it.