Please help me find another website

I am still trying to restore my favorites list. I am looking for that website with the beautiful handmade knitting bags. They have vintage pattern fabric for the lining and wooden handles. I :heart: :heart: these bags. I don’t have one in my near future, but you never know. A girl can dream, right?

this one?

I cant help with the bag, but have you considered using ?

its a place to organize bookmarks. that way if your computer crashes, you still have all your favorite websites, organized, too! you can also look at what other people have who have your sites tagged. its searchable and interesting

I use too! It’s great because I can visit/remember by bookmarks no matter where i’m at(work, home, visiting my mom, etc).

Oh…wow. :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

Thank you everyone. That is the site I was looking for. Also, thanks for the info of the bookmark site.

I don’t know if you are having the same issue I am, but I can’t access my favorites either (using MSN) I sign in under mine but isntead on mine, my DH’s faves come up everytime… Weird… I am going a bit crazy… At least I know this url by heart lol.
I think I am going to check out that site!