Please Help Me Find and X-Ray Pattern!

Ok yes, I realize this is an odd request. :rofl:
My very new boyfriend takes xrays and his birthday is at the end of the month. We’re not exchanging holiday presents, but I’m itching to knit him something small and a little silly for his birthday.

So does anybody have recommendations for patterns involving bones, skeletons, xray humor of any kind? I’m sort of coming up at a loss and I’m not good at designing things myself. Maybe some Halloween stuff with a skeleton and I could just copy the color patterns, oy…I dunno :shrug:

Any wacky suggestions? Please and thank you!

You could easily create a pattern with skeletons, bones, etc. by using the shadow knitting method. Vivian Hoxbro did a book on this. I believe you could find a pattern similar to what you talk about online.

Most of the halloween stuff seems to be skulls. Cute idea though!

There is an actual pattern of a skeleton on black bcground (like you are the skeleton IYKWIM) for a teenager ( so easy to scale up) in a kniting collection by George Hostler. I can’t remember if it’s in
Knit Wits
Fun Knits for Kids

edit…could be in Knatty Knits
All of the above go cheap on secondhand booksites…so can email them and ask if skeleton in them???
I have it somewhere!

Bernat has a fairly new glow in the dark yarn - look at the 2nd pattern book:

Some more ideas:
skelton gloves at the bottom here:

Check this:

OH I hit the post button too quick. You could also make this out of socks:

r u on ravelry?
I saw this really cool pattern for legwarmers that showed the leg bones on a black background (I actually want to make this myself as a try at intarsia, cuz I am fascinated with medical science)
theres also a hat called a vertebra hat on
that would be cool, I think

Check out these Bones Illusion Wrist Warmers:

Unfortunately the pattern is not free… :sad: