Please help me find a pattern similar to this (or at least help me name the stitches? I‘m a beginner…) -

[FONT=“Century Gothic”]I would really like to knit a blanket like the one in the picture. Chunky wool, the design and all. I just need a little direction… I have only knit a baby blanket and a few dish rags, but that was almost 2 years ago. I learned from the internet. This site in particular was very helpful.

Anybody have a suggestion on where to start?

This is my 1st post, so the picture or link will be in replies[/FONT]

Hi, welcome. Why don’t you try posting the link again?

Thank you. I just posted the link. Phoobucket is not cooperating right now… Is that the only way to post pictures here?

No you can post pictures directly from your computer. You have to use the ‘Reply to this Thread’ button instead of the quick reply button, then there’s a paperclip that lets you download a picture. (or upload).

So the blanket is very chunky yarn, or several strands held together knit on huge needles in a cable pattern. You can try searching for a similar cable pattern -here’s a link for a cable stitch gallery - then figure out how many sts per inch (or inches per stitch…) and multiply it time the size you want. You would have to adjust the stitches to match the repeats in the cable pattern, plus edge stitches.

That’s a nice blanket, you might try searching at (free to join) and find something similar. You might have to find a pattern for a smaller yarn and adjust it for the yarn and large needles that would take.

I will look at both sites. Hopefully I can figure something out.

It’s a good lookng blanket. There are some patterns around that come close.

but you may have to play around with strands of yarn and needle size to get exactly the pattern you like.

I think I saw that pattern in a Vogue magazine a few years back…

That blanket is knit with unspun roving - very, super bulky.

Here’s another pattern for similar.

OMG 1 1/2" PVC pipe! That’s extreme knitting! Nice effect from it.

No kidding! And I thought knitting with anything over a 10 was like knitting with bats! :zombie: :teehee:

Two teams of four each, two to a needle, and whichever team manages to knit and purl drops down exhausted. :roflhard: I guess one person can do it. The video looks like it belongs in a comedy farce on knitting but the end result is pretty cool. I admire the creativity and ingenuity. I’m not that dedicated to extreme knitting I guess.


Thanks and wow! I’m just glad she doesn’t take her knitting with her on the subway.

That blanket is lovely, but talk about a toe-breaker! You and your spouse, all the kids, and the next door neighbors would have to help you move it from one place to another–cause there’s no way you could sleep under it without having your toes smashed!

Good luck with the extreme knitting challenge. Would love to see your finished project!