Please help me find a good gift for my knitting friend

Hi -
I don’t knit but I have a wonderful friend who is a huge knitting fan. I would like to buy her something nice to support her hobby for the holidays. I don’t want to give away the surprise by asking her too many questions! Hoping you guys can help me out here :smiley:

I’ve read some places that some experienced knitters prefer a good stash of yarn rather than accessories. What do you recommend??

What are some good quality brands?

Help appreciated! :slight_smile:

Not sure how any other knitter would feel, but I’d be pleased as punch to get a gift card to KnitPicks. That way I could get yarn or accessories or both!

A set of interchangable needles
A gift card to the local yarn store (knitters are picky about their yarn types and brands)
A nice knitting bag with a flat bottom to keep knitting in (if one isnt already owned)
A knitting pattern book

I’ve been given gift certificates as presents and I always love that!

Gift card for a local yarn shop, I’m sure would make her happy!:knitting:

U mean I should only have ONE knitting bag?
When did THIS become a rule?
NO, i will not abide by this, I MUST have more bags than just the one
U can give me any of the ones U no longer need, i will take Ur cast offs

I will be ok now

breath, ecb, just breath

It’s ok ECB, you can have as many knitting bags as you want. :hug:

She probably does have more than one bag if she does a lot of knitting, but there are some great ones out there. This one is a bit spendy, but also quite awesome.

EDIT: Oops–forgot the link

Many knitting bags may needed but if the friend is like me and without one, even one would work. Right now my knitting bag is a clear plastic bag that a blanket came in :pout: . I carry my skein, needles and current WIP around under my arm if I need to change places:pout: .

ebc, I will send you my plastic bag as soonas I get a better bag:mrgreen:

Andi (who will accumulate more necessities as I continue my journey through the wonderful world of knitting)

If she is already a huge knitting fan she may already have lots of bags, supplies and needles. I don’t know how much you want to spend, but a lovely skein of yarn and a gift card would be a wonderful gift!

My suggestions for -

A local yarn store if you know which one she likes or one of these:

Sock yarn if she likes to knit socks (about total 440 yds is best)
Berroco Ultra Alpaca

I was at Joanne’s the other day and got a desk calendar (one of those small, square ones) that has knitting patterns (I guess one for each day, I didn’t open it yet). Then I stopped at a LYS on the way down to my sister’s in San Antonio and they had it too. Cute little store for my fellow Texans (Rosewood Yarns; it’s actually in Boerne)

Just a fun, small gift thought (I think it was about $12-15 w/my HL 40% coupon.

I like the idea of a book that has knitting techniques in it (or patterns) added with a gift card to the local yarn shop. If you were going to ask your friend one question, see if you can find out where she shops. If it’s at a local yarn shop, then she is probably known by the owner which could help you pick out some really good stuff. If it’s at a department store or online, then go with a book and/or a gift card.

Check in your phone book for yarn supply stores (try Craft, Knitting, Wool, Yarn), and find one local to you. Then I’d have to say a gift voucher would be safest, or a pattern book, as you don’t necessarily know what you friend is going to make, and It’d be a pain if she was that one ball short for the perfect project. and then there is taste in yarn: colours, fibres, Textures, weights, allergys-these are just a few of the things to consider. And i’m even worse when it comes to what needles I use.

Actully, take her on a mystery drive and hit the chosen LYS (or LYS’s). Shopping with a friend to enable her addiction, would be the best gift of all.

I agree a gift card to her favorite local yarn/craft store.
I would certainly love one of those.


Thanks guys - you’ve been very helpful!

I will get her a gift certificate at

Thank you!