Please help me figure this out?

I’m trying to knit the free punk knitter’s soaker pattern. It calls for 72 stitches for the small size on 16" circulars. I cast on that amount but the stitches do not go all the way around. Mine circs are actually 17" because it’s from the Denise interchangeable kit but I don’t even think they would go all the way around on 16"'s. Am I doing something wrong? :nut Please help. Thanks

pretty please :muah:

Hrm :thinking: Well, my first question is whether you are supposed to be knitting in the round. I’m not familiar with that pattern, but just because you’re supposed to use circs, doesn’t mean you’re gonna be knitting in the round.

If you are supposed to knit in the round, then how much space are we talking about when you say your sts don’t go all the around? Because keep in mind that once you get a few rows done the sts will likely take up more space on the circs.

I googled the pattern and took a look at it. It is indeed worked in the round. The supplies list says a 16" circular OR a set of double points. I imagine that with the smaller sizes you might be better off using dpns. If the stitches don’t fit around the circ, they just don’t! You can’t really force it to work, and there’s nothing more agonizing than knitting in the round on a circ that’s just too big for the project. You can also use the 2 circ method or magic loop knitting, videos for both can be found here under ‘Small Diameter Circular Knitting’.

You can actually use a too long circ on a project. At 17 inches it’s too short for a Magic Loop, but you can use what I’ve done for years and do a `half’ ML. You would only pull out one side. Take your cast on stitches and pinch the cable about halfway around and scootch the stitches to both tips. Join and knit until where the cable was pulled out. Do it again. Keep doing it and after an inch or so your work may stretch out enough you don’t have to pull out the cable.