Please help me figure out this pattern

The Color of Mist Scarf

The first and last five stitches of every row are done in seed stitch and are not
included in the pattern instructions below:
Odd rows - P1, K1
Even rows – K1, P1
The first stitch of every row is slipped for a tidy edge.
Cast on 45 stitches.
Work 5 rows in seed stitch.
Row 1 - K10, YO, K1, YO, K3, SK2P, K1

The direction says that I should work 5 rows in seed stitch, does it follow the pattern “Odd row P1 K1, Even row K1 P1”? Plus, when I start doing the 1st row after the five rows of seed stitch, I’m having problem with the above instruction that tell me to add 5 seed stitches at the beginning and at the end of each row because after I’ve added the 5 speed stitches, repeated the pattern in the asterisk twice with the K1 follow it, I just have one stitch left then how could I possibly do the 5 seed stitches at the end of the row?

Yes, the odd/even rows are what you do for the 5 rows of seed st. Once you get the first row done, then on subsequent rows it’s sometimes easier to just purl a stitch that looks like a knit and knit a stitch that looks like a purl than try to remember which stitch you start with.

When you’ve done the 5 rows in seed and start the main pattern, do the first 5 sts in the k the ps and p the ks, then begin the stitch pattern to the last 5 sts. There again, k the purls and p the knits. There are 17 sts between the *s so you do them twice and you have one st left at the end for the k1. That’s 35 sts plus the 10 for the edges which is the 45 sts you cast on. The YOs do not include knitting a stitch, you just wrap the yarn around the needle and k1 yo, or k3 sk2p after them. If you’re running out of stitches, you probably have 2 knits between the first YOs, and 4 knits after them.

Thank you so much!