Please help me decode my instructions

Hi, I’m working on a pair of mitts right now and I’ve hit a road block. I’m wondering if anyone knows what to do for these instructions:

Knit to marker and slip these 22 sts onto st holder, add on one st; knit to marker, turn; add one on st, slip remaining sts onto second st holder: 14 sts.

So… I understand what they mean upto the slip part. I don’t know what they mean when they say slip and I don’t know what is a stich holder either.

If someone knows what to do, you’d be saving my project.

thanks… :XX:

Stitch holders are like big safety pins if you buy them. In this case ‘slip’ just means ‘put.’ You can also slip the stitches onto another piece of extra yarn by sewing it through the stitches that are on the needle with a tapestry needle.

Basically, you’re just putting these stitches on hold so you can probably work the thumb without the needles in the way.