Please help me decipher!

I am in the midst of making this sweater and totally confused as to what I am being told to. I know the problem is that it is a cheapo yarn pattern but oh well

It says continue more rows even in pattern. Does that mean continue for the said number of rows or for the said number of pattern sets?

it additionally has me inc and says make up for it in the pattern. Am i supposed to just knit the increases or extend the pattern?

Then theres the fact of casting on more for the body and lumpin the total sums together, does that mean the arm becomes part of the body by way of the increases?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, i feel like maybe i’m overlooking some detail for this shouldn’t be so difficult.

Which part are you working on?

When you’ve been increasing and a pattern says to work even' that means continue in the stitch pattern (that's the repeat of rows 1 and 2, I think) without more increases. You keep the stitch numbereven’ or the same. So work however many rows it says. To add the new sts into the patter (that’d be the p3, k2 part) you figure out what the extra stitches will be, even if you have to k1, p3, k2, p1 for a few rows - add the new sts to the edges.

Yes, you’re adding the new sts you cast on for the front and back into the pattern just like you incorporated them into the pattern for the sleeve increases.

i’m working on the sleeve and trying to incorporate the new stitches

so you are saying i should make it k3 p3 k2…k3 to make up for the added stiches

and then when it says work 2 rows even in pattern it really means four?

No, 2 rows is 2 rows regardless of the pattern stitch. You do 4 rows total then make the first increase row - this is what it says:

“[B] Row 1 (Right Side)[/B]: Knit.
[B]Row 2[/B]: K2, * P3, K2; rep from * across.
Rows 1 and 2 form pat. Work 2 more rows even in pat,
then shape side by inc 1 st at each end of next row,” which would be row 5. After that inc on every 6th row, so row 11, 17, 23, etc.