Please help! Knitting back to front!

I’m sure there is a simple answer to this but i just can’t figure it out!

My knitting has suddenly gone ‘back to front’… i’m doing alternate rows purl and knit.

I have attached a photo!

Thank you! :muah:

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
Your knitting looks lovely even with the switch. There must be a skipped row at the transition. Perhaps instead of knitting a row you worked 2 purl rows or vice versa. You can rip back to one row before the change and then put the stitches back on the needle one at a time as you pull out the working yarn from the last row.

If you look at the stitches facing you, you can recognize which row you should be on. If you see Vs, it must be a knit row. If you see loops facing you, it’s a purl row.

You were doing
knit, purl, knit purl.

At some point you switched and did
knit, purl, purl, knit
purl, knit, knit, purl.

As SalmonMac said, rip back to the transition and resume your intended pattern
knit, purl, knit, purl.

Thanks for your answers!

I have undone the incorrect area, but have attempted to start again a few times and I keep doing it the same way. Could anyone tell me from the photo if the next row should be knit or purl?

Thank you!!


Here’s a few tips for you:

#1 - First, hold the needle with the stitches on it in your left hand, just like if you are going to knit the next row.

#2 - Now, look at the stitches on the needle and see if they look like smooth v’s or bumps.

#3 - If the stitches look like v’s then you KNIT the next row.

#4 - If they look like bumps, then you PURL the next row.

You can use this method any time you are doing the stockinette stitch. hth!!


Ok i’m back on track now!
Think i just got confused there! Thanks for all your help! :slight_smile:

Also, until you learn to read the bumps and v’s, mark the “right” side (as in the outside of a garment, or what a pattern says is the RS) with a safety pin or anything else you have handy. It’ll save you a lot of “now where was I?” moments when you’re starting out, and again when you start using complicated stitch patterns.

paperclips are a boy’s best friend…