Please help - just started


I am new to knitting and having lots of problems. I was wondering if someone could write down for me what I should do next

Here is the pattern I am using

…don’t understand the sentense starting with…

“Continue working in established pattern increasing 1 st (yo) on each side of each seam st for a total of 8 increases per RS row, until there are 133 (145, 157) sts on needle. There will be 11 (12, 13) YO holes down each side of each seam st (including the one hole in neck band). End with a WS row.”

Thank you for all your help


The established pattern is referring to what you’ve been doing, looks like stockinette with the edge sts in garter. Just keep increasing with the YOs every other row, at the same places you have been until you get to the number of sts needed for the size you’re making. It’s telling you an easy way to figure that without counting sts all the time - count the YO holes down one of the raglan ‘seams’. When you have enough sts, finish the purl row and go on to the next step.

I read the pattern about the same as suzeeq except the bit about increasing every other row.

The ‘establish pattern’ refers to rows 1 thru 4. Only row 1 has the seam stitch so my interpretation is that the yo is increaed every time row 1 is done only, and all 4 rows are repeated until you get the required number of stitches on the needle as called for in the patter 133 or 145 or 157, ending with a row 2 or row 4. Then you would go on to the next steps which is divide for sleeve and body.

The pattern reads - “increasing 1 st (yo) on each side of each seam st for a total of [B]8 increases per RS row[/B]” - which I take to mean increase on every RS row, or every other row. Also, the 4 row pattern has YOs on row 3 as well as row 1. It just calls the st between YOs the ‘seam st’ on row 1 only to define it when that term is used later.

eta - They say ‘yo on ea side of seam st’ because the number of sts between the double YOs will be increasing every row, so while row 3 has the exact number of sts put in, the YOs are on either side of that seam st. I go back to my original reply - knit in stockinette with YOs on every other row.

You are right suzeeq. I completely missed that part and I wasn’t aware that [seam st] was the same as the stitch between the yo in row 3. :oops:

Thank you so much for all your help. I am doing a sweater for 6 months baby. I hope I understand this properly. I am having trouble understanding where exactly does the increase go…before yo or before k1 or after k1 (Row1). Does this mean double yo. Here is what I undertand:

Row 1 K 11, yoyo, k1,yoyo, k5, yoyo, k1, yoyo, k21, yoyo…etc.

thank you!

No, not a double yo, 2 of them separated by a knit 1, the seam st. So it goes - k11, yo k1, yo, k5, yo, k1, yo, k21, yo…

thank you so much…got it now:)