Please help! I'm so stuck on my lace ribbon scarf pattern :(

I’m currently knitting this pattern:

I’m getting really stuck though. I can do the row with all the increases and decreases, but it’s the next one of just knitting and purling thats stumping me. I always seem to end up with the wrong amount of stitches. I think it might be something to do with knitting and purling into the 2yo’s on the previous row. It just feels really wrong and almost like I’m not really knitting them sometimes?

Can anyone help me? I love this scarf and I’ve had to unravel it a ridiculous amount of times already!

It’s very simple. ON your return row; knit the first two and last two stitches. Purl the remaining stitches. EXCEPT when you hit the YO’s

when you reach a double yarnover, it may be easier if you slip one loop off the needle and treat it as a single stitch. purl into the loop, do NOT slip off left needle; then knit into the same loop.

If you leave both loops on the needle, then purl into the first and knit into the second.