Please help identify this fiber!

yesterday i bought some wool roving but it feels like mohair to me!

it says it’s only wool but i have no idea what it could be…i never felt wool like this before

it’s hairy like mohair and has a soft sheen

do you know what kind of wool this could be?


when i was searching around for other fibers to buy i came across “the poor mans mohair” which is Cotswold wool.

i haven’t found any other sources that say that… anyone else want to verify that this is indeed what i’m talking about?


Do you have any pictures?

yes i do

and if is helps the staple is fairly long as well with this fiber

I was hoping to see a raw lock (staple length, crimp, pointed or blunt ends).

With it processed and dyed, it’s anyone’s guess.

It could be Wensleydale. I’ve worked with it before and it is very mohair-like. Compare that to this mohair, and they both look very similar.

What ever the fiber is, the color is simply wonderful.