Please help! I’m running out off time

I am trying to knit a baby shawl for my grandchild who is due very soon. I have unpicked the knitting 3 times.:weary: I am using the the Patons pattern book number 1283 Heirloom 4 Ply collection style 1 shawl. Sorry their isnt a pattern number. So I have knitted 13 rows in garter st then the pattern begins so first row is K8, K4 K2tog yfwd K1 yfwd Sl1 K1 passo K1 rep to K4 to last 11 sets K11. I can do that row but when it comes to the next row which is K8 purl to last 8 sts K8. When I come up to the yfwd K1 stitch do I treat it as two stitches and purl into both separately? I have done both treated it as two stitches and one stitch which is hard to do as the needle goes into the first part of the stitch but when you try and put the needle in the second part which I think was the yfwd part it’s hard to purl in that part. So each time I have tried to do this purl row and go onto the 3rd row and do the third row I have not the correct amount of stitches to finish the pattern before doing the Knit stitches at the end so the pattern holes are too spaced out when I look at the pattern. I am close to giving up as I have to cast on at the beginning to start again is 339 stitches​:weary: it would help if the pattern told me how many stitches I had to have on my needle each row but it doesn’t. Please help as I do want to become a better knitter. Kind regards. :blush:

Congrats on the soon-to-arrive grandchild.

Sorry I can’t help with your main problem here,I’m sure you will get the help you need, but I wanted to ask if you have heard of a life line in knitting?
You thread a different piece of yarn (preferably a different colour so it is obvious) through a row before a tricky part (so perhaps for you use row 12 so the yarn doesn’t get in the way on row 13 and 14 where you are doing the tricky stitch). Once the yarn is through you can either put a slip knot on a stitch holder and attach it to your work (one each end) or leaving the yarn loose enough not to pull at your working fabric just knot the two ends together.
What it means is that if you don’t like what you do on the next few rows or you go wrong you don’t have to undo the whole fabric you can just pull out to the life line. Then slip all the live stitches onto your knitting needle and you are ready to have another go.

There are videos on this if you haven’t done it before.

I couldn’t bare to keep on ripping out and having hundreds of stitches to cast on again.

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Hi Creation,

Thank you for your suggestion I will try this.

Kind regards.:blush:

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The yarn forward is a single stitch and should be purled on the following row. The K1 or the sl1,k1, psso should also be treated as single stitches and each one is purled on the following row.
Remember that a yfwd or yarn over doesn’t use up a stitch. Just bring the yarn to the front between the needles then over the right hand needle to the back. That’s it.

Can you quote this row exactly? It’s difficult to tell where the repeat begins and how it ends.
K8, K4 K2tog yfwd K1 yfwd Sl1 K1 passo K1 rep to K4 to last 11 sets K11


Sorry I couldn’t do the star the repeat is k4 k2tog yfwd K1 yfwd sl1 K1 psso K1 rep back to k4 to last 11sts then k11 to end.


So when I’m doing the purl stitch into the stitch my knitting side it looks as if it’s one stitch and it’s sort of joined on the needle looking done above it has two pieces of wool over the needle. I have been knitting into the first part then I have a loose piece of wool over the needle I purl into that and then I take it off the needle to finish the stitch and I have a loose piece of wool lying along my knitting. I am not very good at explaining I hope this makes it clear. If I don’t purl into the yfwd part do I just take it off the needle and let it lay there? Sorry I didn’t quite understand what you wrote. Could you just say it again so sorry I struggle with information. I am a visual learner.

Kind regards.:blush:

Ok, that works with 339 sts
K8, [K4 K2tog yfwd K1 yfwd Sl1 K1 psso K1] to last 11 sts K11

Here’s the yfwd or yarn overs:
The right needle is about to purl into the yarn over on the next row:
Here the right needle is purling the yarn over and is ready to purl into the next stitch. There’s only one strand of yarn over the needle.


Thank you so so much. That’s exactly what mine looks like with that wool sagging down just like yours does and then do you just ignore it and purl into the next stitch? I have just been practising with just 40 stitches on my needle just doing the pattern repeats and two patterns looked good and the last one looked different. If I’m doing it right with the yfwd stitch I’m not sure where I’m going wrong.:worried:


So sorry about this, in the second picture are you actually purling that yfwd stitch or did you just take that wool off the left needle with the right needle and then purl into the next stitch?

This the yfwd K1 stitch they are attached, have I done it right as this doesn’t look like yours. Do purl into the first part then purl into the second part?

In the 2nd photo I’ve inserted the right needle into the stitch prior to purling it.

The first stitch on your left needle in the photo looks like it was knit on the prior row and it should be purled on the current row. The next stitch looks like it’s the yarn over. Purl into it.
I don’t understand what you mean by first or second part of the stitch?


It’s me sorry I thought it looked like two stitches together as it looks attached at the bottom but seperate on top of the needle.

I seem to be doing the stitches all correctly but not sure where I am going wrong. I am getting the first row right I think and then the second row is purl which I thought the problem was in that row but you just confirmed I am doing it the way I should, by purling into the yfwd stitch. When I do the pattern in row 3 I have 2 stitches to many when I finish the repeat pattern and I am ready to knit the rib stitches at the end. Do you have any ideas as I am ready to give up as I have trying to get past row 3 since last Wednesday.:weary:

Mark off the 10 stitch repeats or maybe place a marker every 2 repeats. Go back and name the sts as you count off the repeat, the k2tog, the yarnovers, the skpsso and so on. There should be 32 of the 10 stitch repeats or 16 if you mark off every 2 repeats.
When you find the mistakes, mark them so that you can go back and fix them. The stitch count doesn’t change for these rows so that may be why the pattern doesn’t list the counts.


Thank you for that advice. I will do that, but if I make a new stitch with the yfwd stitch and the next row I purl in the yfwd stitch won’t the 3rd row have more stitches than the rib row?

You have the same number of increases (yfwd) as decreases (k2tog and skp) in the repeat so the stitch number stays the same. You can count the sts required to work the repeat (10sts) and the sts left after the repeat is worked (10sts) to check this.


Sorry what does skp mean?:worried:

It’s the slip one, knit one, pass slip stitch over.


Sorry I have just worked that out what that means.

Thank you so much for your help today. What would we do if lovely people like yourself were not here to help us. :blush:

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I have just put 10 cast on stitches on my needle and did the k4 k2tog yfwd K1 yfwd sl1 K1 psso K1 and I keep ending up with just 9 stitches not 10 stitches. I am not sure about the yfwd sl1 K1 psso when the yarn goes to the front then the slip stitch the yarn goes to the back to do the knit stitch, is this correct it doesn’t go over the needle but under the needle then the knit stitch is done and the slip stitch is slipped over losing another stitch then knit 1 is that correct?


I just tried the yfwd then the sl1 and I just took the yarn over the top to knit 1 and then psso and it gave me 10 stitches. I thought as it hadn’t told me to take the yarn back to knit I thought I had to take it round the back to be in the right position to knit. Which one do you think is right?