Please help...I am stuck

Hi I am working on a rib yolk baby sweater. I am working on the front section and the directions say k1p1 for 2 inches (which I’ve done) and then put first 14 stitches at neck edge on a pin. My ? is how do I put the stitches on a pin if the thread is attached? Thank you in advance

What comes next? Maybe you are supposed to work other stitches before these so you’d need to attach a new ball of yarn. Can you link to the pattern? That’s generally helpful.

Please give us the pattern name and a link. It really helps answer questions.

Work the 14 stitches first, then put them on the holder. The yarn will be on the last stitch of them and right next to the following stitch.

Hi and thank you so much for your help. I’ve attached the pattern for you to look at. I made this sweater once (24 years ago) when I was pregnant with my daughter and now I am making it for my niece’s new baby boy. I can’t wait to get started again on it!

Yes, it’s like I thought - put the 14 sts on a holder, either at the end of a row, so you can turn and work on the rest of the sts, or finish the row, work those 14 sts then put them on the holder and you can work the rest of the front sts.

Thanks so much, suzeeq!