Please Help: Holes In My Bobbles

So I’m making a dishcloth with bobbles…but there are holes around all my bobbles. What’s the dilly yo? That’s gonna be a useless dishcloth. So am I knitting too loosely? Or too tightly? :!!!:

It’s Sugar’n’Cream btw.
this pattern.

I think that’s just the nature of bobbles. Once it’s washed it will shrink it up a bit and make them tighter I think. If anyone knows otherwise let us know.

Is that the trinity stitch? Beautiful example, if so. I believe that’s the way it’s supposed to look, the bobbles suspended almost independently from each other. Jan’s probably right, it’ll tighten up after washing.

Love that stitch, nice job! :cheering:

again, probably just the nature of the beast.
I have a scarf[size=1] that i bought from a store[/size] that looks like that. holes and everything… :shrug:

:rofl: :oops:
This is the first time I’ve ever tried bobbles and since you can’t see holes in the picture, I assumed I just miffed it up.

nuknitterI do believe it’s the trinity stitch. It looks nice actually, but it might not be functional. Fun to knit though!