Please help for symbol!

Dear members,
please help me. What is this: / 5 ?
I mean ssk k5 k2tog, but i dont know k5 is 5 out of 1?
…and what is: sl3tog as if to k, k2tog, psso ??
I m stuck, please help me.
Many thanks

If you’re to make 5 sts from one you’d probably kpkpk, or k yo k yo k into one stitch. The other is decreasing 5 sts to 1 - sl 3 sts tog as if to k, k2tog, psso over. Something like sl 2tog, k, psso which makes 3 sts into 1.

dear Suzeeq,
thanks, I try to do it so, but I attach the pattern by Kieran Foley of because that.
Many thanks

Okay, it looks like for /5\ you ssk, k5, k2tog, not an increase; you’re decreasing from the 9 sts out of one below it - kpkpkpkpk in one st. Do the 9 st inc, work a plain row, then a row that has /5\ above the inc, which takes you down to 7 sts, then a plain row, then another row with /3\ to take you back down to just 5 sts. Then a plain row, then the dec sl3, k2tog, psso to get you back to 1 st.