Please help decipher this

Hi. I am making a K-9, the pattern from the Dr. Who pattern book from Joy Gammon. I am questioning the instructions abit.

I am to cast on 72. Working in, with a K row, dec the right hand side by 1 on every 4th row. At the same time, dec the left side by 1 st every 4th row 6 times, then work 3 more rows.

Dec at this side on every row 8 times.

Ohhhkayy, here’s the question: If I am reading it right, every 4th row i will dec on each side, just the left side 6 times. and 8 times later.

I just don’t understand the “3 more rows”. Am i to dec more of the same as before? Sorry for the wordy question, but you people are the best at helping us newbies! Thanks in advance!


When a pattern says to work X rows it usually means to continue in patterb. In this case, “work 3 rows” would mean to work in St st for 3 rows without decreasing.

Thank you. I wrote the pattern out row by row and now its making sense :slight_smile: Now I can begin.

Thank you very much!