Please help, confusing instructions

Hello, my name is Kimberly and I have picked up knitting again from a 20 plus year break. I am going over a pattern for a Cabled Entrelac Poncho and have come across a line that I am a little confused about. It states the following:

Repeat from * across row - 3 rectangles completed.

So I am assuming that it means that I should subtract 3 sts from the earlier instruction to pick up and k14 evenly. But when I look at the next step it says the following:

"With right side facing, pick up and k14 sts evenly along edge of last triangle or rectangle, turn."

So needless to say I am a little lost on this one…lol

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

hi! Could you provide us eith a link or the name of the pattern? It is difficult for us to help without understanding the pattern. Thanks.

Welcome to KH!
Yes, a pattern name or even photo is usually a big help. There are several cabled ponchos online.

Have you knit entrelac before? It’s very interesting to work but can be a bit confusing at first. I like this tutorial from the fabulous Eunny Jang at Interweave:

The number of picked up sts usually stays the same along the edges in order to keep the next rectangles or triangles of equal width.

The name of the pattern is Cabled Entrelac Poncho. It is from Mary Maxim.

When you are starting the Right Side Rectangles it says,

*With ride side facing, pick up and k 14 sts evenly along edge of next triangle (or rectangle), turn.

Then it goes into the instructions to start working the cables into the pattern. When you are finished those instructions it says,

Repeat from * across row - 3 rectangles completed.

I don’t see any reason to decrease 3 sts but I’m not sure what makes you think you should. I can only see 1 or 2 rectangles depending on the tier but it may be that the photo just doesn’t show the entire front.

I wonder if the decrease isn’t a decrease at all. I was thinking after reading the pattern several times that it could be a break in the sentence without proper punctuation and actually meaning that you would have 3 finished rectangles.

Ah, I see what you mean. I read that as “3 rectangles completed” (even though the 3 don’t show in the photo). So you’re right, no decrease.