Please help... Confused by Pattern


Terribly sorry for pestering you all but was hoping someone can help with an issue I’m having with a pattern for a jumper I am knitting. It is only my 3rd knitting project and the other 2 were scarfs so I am a little lost.
It says…
Dec 1st at armhole edge on next 2 rows, then on 1 foll alt rows and at same time dec 1st at neck edge on 2nd and every foll alt row.

I understand this as being that for 2 rows I decrease 1 stitch when at the armhole, but then I am just confused.

Please help

Many Thanks

Dec on the armhole edge - both of them - on 2 rows, then on every other row once, so that would be on the next RS row. At the same time dec on the neck edges on the 2nd RS row and every other row.

Welcome, Paula!!

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