Please help before I go mad!

Hi I decided I wanted to start up knitting as I’m pregnant again and would like to make some baby bits and hopefully go on to make more things for my eldest child. I practiced lots first and watched tutorials on the slipknot method and casting on stitches so feel fine with those parts but I keep gaining a stitch on every row I try to do (normal knit stitch) I have carefully gone back through and retried to find where I am making the error and it seems to be gaining the stitch at the first stitch/slipknot stitch when I’m at the end of each row. I don’t know why as I use the same method on each stitch but the last one seems to create another stitch with it, although I am not going through it to create 2 either.

Does this make any sense to anybody please? I really would like to correct whatever it is that I’m doing wrong as I just can’t progress with the pattern I would like to do.

Thanks in advance for any advice :slight_smile:

You may be lifting the yarn up as you start the row. That stretches out the first stitich and makes it look like two sts. If you knit those two legs of course, you’ll increase by one st each time. Try holding the yarn down and bringing it to the back to begin knitting the row. That will help the first st look like the single stitch it truly is. Take a look at this Sticky which considers other sources of “Mysterious Extra Sts”.

Yep, I agree, you must be lifting up the first st so both legs of it look like 2 separate sts. Hold the yarn out to the side a little until you get the needle into the first stitch, then move it to the back.

I just started knitting again after 25 years of crocheting only but I know how you feel…you might try this…after you turn your right needle into your left hand, before you put the right right needle, make sure your yarn in pulled slightly down and back, making sure there is only 1 stitch instead of 2. If you don’t pull it down, it will look like 2 stitches instead of 1. Also, a rule I go by is always is I count every stitch on that row BEFORE I turn the right needle to become my left needle. Sometimes I will accidentally add a stitch while I’m changing from knit to purl stitch…I found out what I was doing was not checking how my yarn was laying before the change in stitch. Pulling the yarn over the needle instead of pulling the yarn in front and even with the needle after doing the purl stitch. By counting my stitches before turning the left needle, if 1 or 2 stitches are added, I can redo my stitches then recount to make sure nothing is added. Hope that helps!!

What salmonmac said is EXACTLY what I used to do when I first started knitting a couple of months ago. I didn’t know what that first stitch was supposed to look like, and since I saw two legs on there, I always knit into the first stitch twice by accident. My swatch slowly started turning into a triangle. There’s a video on this page of this website that really helped me figure out how exactly do you go from row 1 to row 2. It’s the first video, “Demo of a small project.” Good luck with your knitting journey!

I remember doing the same thing when I started knitting. I got over it by insanely glueing my eyes to the last stitch as I slowly turned the needle to the other side. It didn’t have a chance to turn into two sts!