Please help Baby Jonah (and others)

Dear Friends,

Several of you know me, but I am mostly a lurker around here.

Now I ask for your help. An old friend wrote about a month back to announce the joy of the arrival of their new son (after many years of trying and much medical assistance).

I received this email from them this morning:

“At 3 weeks of age, our beloved new baby boy, Jonah had a fever, and we brought him into the hospital. In the ensuing 2 weeks, he has been given a diagnosis of hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH), a very rare disease in which one of his own immune cells is eating up his other blood cells. This is a rapidly fatal disease, and he has thankfully been stabilized after some time in the ICU, and has already received his 1st of 8 weeks of induction chemotherapy. Unfortunately, the only way for him to be cured of this terrible disease is a stem cell or bone marrow transplant (SCT/BMT) as soon as possible after completion of his initial chemotherapy, and hopefully, by the end of this year. We will have to proceed to SCT/BMT even earlier if he fails to continue to respond to chemotherapy.”

Jonah desperately needs a matched donor. The best chance for a match is within the same ethnic group - in his case, people of Asian (particularly Chinese) descent. Unfortunately, the national bone marrow registry has exceeding few Asian registrants.

They have set up a website with much more information, and are arranging drives to recruit registrants. There are links on the site to drives being planned all over the country.

All it takes is a cheek swab. When you register, you become a potential match for [B][I]anyone[/I][/B] in the country - adults and children who needs your healthy cells. Who knows how many future knitters we could be helping!

You all are such a wonderful, caring group of people who have consistently reached out to help those in need. Please take a moment to visit and consider joining the national marrow registry.

If you are inclined to pray, they are people of faith and would appreciate that very much.

Thank you,

Bumping this up.

I hope Jonah finds his savior… :hug:

aww he is so cute… I hope they find a match soon…

I wish Jonah and his family all the best with finding a matching doner.