PLEASE HELP. Baby Cardigan.

I am doing the Sidar 1579 Baby Cardigan in size 3-6 months. And I am stuck on the section where it says ‘Keeping continuity of boarder patt (throughout) work 5 rows more’. I thought I have figured it out but when I came to do the 2nd of the 5 rows the boarder is in line but the middle section seems to come out of pattern in the way of the stitches coming forward instead of continuing as they have throughout.

So sorry, I am not good at describing. Things I have added photos of the pattern, what I thought was right and what I have done so far.

The pattern looks perfect so far. Do you have 128sts on the needle after the decrease row (For 1st, 2nd and 4th sizes only, Next Row)?
When you say the sts aren’t coming forward, do you mean you are seeing purl bumps instead of the Vs of knit sts? Have you maybe skipped a row so that you’re working a knit row on the WS row?

Thank you for replying. Yes, I have 128 stitches, yeah they look like purl instead of knit if that makes sense.

Now you have said that I am wondering if I should maybe have done a knit row as the 1st of the 5 for the continuing boarder?? And then go on to do what I have written down? So wish they would just say what to do haha.

Yes, there are so many times with patterns that you can think of better ways to explain the rows. You probably have to continue with the lace border (which looks good) and just “read” the knitting to tell whether you should knit or purl the body of the little sweater. Very sweet pattern.

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I have come back to it this morning and no matter I do, it still isn’t right. The stitches always end up on the WS. Any ideas on what I have missed/missing??

As long as the lace pattern is correct, the stockinette pattern is easy enough to fix. You need to look at the knit fabric that you’ve made so far. This is “reading” your knitting. If you have a row of Vs facing you, work a knit row between the borders. If you see purl bumps facing you, purl the row between the borders.

You may have missed a row or added in an extra row? Difficult to say but since it looks so nice up to now, just continue as above.

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