Please Help! Baby Blanket & Yarn Needed

I am making a friend of mine a baby blanket, however, i can’t seem to find a pattern that I like and I’m looking for something on the chunky side, but very soft and for some reason I’m at a loss. Any yarn or pattern suggestions would be gratefully accepted!!

I’m just about to start on theEyelet Baby Blanket from Blue Sky Alpacas. I ordered the dyed cotton from WEBS and it should be here this week. This yarn (I’ve fondled it at the LYS) is the softest stuff. I also ordered 2 extra skeins to make the Presto Chango Sweater
from the Jimmy Beans Wool contest. I think they’re going to make a cute gift for a baby who will be here tomorrow!

That pattern is adorable and perfect for the person I’m knitting it for!!

Glad to be of service. Maybe we can do a mini SAL on this blanket!
I need to get mine done ASAP. My friend is being induced tomorrow. But my yarn isn’t coming until Thursday.

My last question for you, I am going to take your suggestion and buy the shell pink in the cotton, would you knit this on circulars or straight needles or is it just preference? I’m still kind of new at this.

Circulars are better for things this big. If you used straight needles the stitches would be really crowded on the needle. What you do with the circulars is just treat them like straight needles and work back and forth on them.