Please Help-Armhole Shaping

Total newbie here attempting her first garment. It’s a cardigan in St st and I am working on the right front piece. Pattern reads “when side measures 13” beging armhole shaping. Armhole Shaping: BO 4 sts at straight edge once, dec 1 st 2 times. Work even until armhole measures 8", end with K row." I am doing increases at the front edge at the same time.

I’ve only knitted a scarf and a baby blanket. When I got to the end of the pieces, to bind off I knitted 2 stitches and slipped the rear stitch over the front stitch to the end, cut the yarn and wove the end in.

Do I BO at the end of a K (right side) row and cut the yarn? This row ends at the side seam where the armhole should be.

How do I work the actual bind off? Assuming I am BO at the end of the knit row and have 4 sts remaining, do I actually knit into the stitch or just slip it and then pull the loop behind that stitch over it in the usual manner?

To decrease 1 st 2 times: Am I correct If I do 1 decrease on the next knit row, then the 2nd decrease on a successive knit row? Or do I have to decrease 2 stitches on the same row I just bound off the 4 stitches on?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


You can’t bind off at the end of the row. Bind off at the beginning of the armhole edge and then finish that row.

Then work back, decrease 1 at the beginning, work back, dec at the beginning again. Your armhole decreases are done.

Bind off as you normally would for those 4 stitches.

On the other side, you’ll also do the bind-offs at the beginning of the row, but will do them with the opposite side of the knitting facing you.

Ahhh! Lightbulb Moment overcomes Brain Freeze. Thanks Ingrid!